RevComm was founded in Japan on July 7 2017 and released its first product in 2018. RevComm’s first product was an AI Telephone System called MiiTel, an innovative technology that can analyze and visualize conversational content in a sales call or contact center operations.

It also provides highly accurate feedback to improve the winning rate and close business negotiations. Unlike any other telephone system in the market, MiiTel eliminates the black-box problem of not knowing “what” and “how” the customer and the person in charge are talking, and the automatic transcription function reduces analog meeting minutes. It has a simple design that makes it easy to look back on business negotiations, so the user of MiiTel can improve the quality of business negotiations by looking back and accurately convey the nuances of customer requests to development. In addition, the real voice data with customers accumulated by MiiTel can be widely used for education, training, service development, function improvement, etc., supporting the growth of the company’s business.

MiiTel wins several awards, including Mizuho Innovation and Techcrunch Awards on 2019, selected as Google for Startups Accelerator on 2020, and Forbes Japan Startup of the Year on 2021.